H qые бланки дипломов

h qые бланки дипломов
Two gymnasi- um-;. No hazing. A Distinguished Bostonian writes: «Of all the colleges I have visited in six years as In- ternational In id Secretary ol Christian Endeavor, the spirit of Elon College seems to be the most genuinely Christian.» — Karl Lehman. Sec.-Treas. TRUSTEES — Marcus W. Jacobi, Wilming- ton; C. B. Edwards, Raleigh; Dr. L. B. Mc- Brayer, Sanatorium; C. Dewey, Goldsboro; W. II Overton, Durham; W. A .1. I’eacock, Golds- boro; Thos. L. Green, ex-offlcio, Waynesville. ruMMlTTEE ON BY-LAWS— B. II. Woodell, Grand Secretary, ex-offlcio. State Canals. 12. The Federal government is now open- ing up the Cape Fear river from Wilmington to Fayetteville with a permanent eight-foot channel. Oxford. STATE GOVERNMENT (Judicial Department) THE SUPREME COURT. Walter Clark, of Wake, Chief Justice Piatt 1). Walker, of Macklenburg, Associate William A Hoke, of Lincoln, Associate Jus- 1 1 Brown, of Beaufort, Associate Justice.

James Grist Stanton, Wil- liamston. FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT— Mrs. H. M. Ponner, New Bern, President Convocation of Wilmington, Secretary Spirit of Missions SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT— Mrs. T G Skinner, Elizabeth City, President Convoca- tion of Edenton. TREASURER— Mrs. The Bank of Personal Service secui fire. your n E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E OFFICERS: B. S ..IF. KM \N. President. Fallis, W. S.. State Highway Engineer, Ral- eigh. The present war has demonstrated that no unprepared nation is safe and we cannot per- mit a noble love for peace to leave us help- less.

Raleigh. TRE USURER K A Brown, Raleigh. BOARD OF DIBECTOBS Rev. Stephen C. Bragaw Harvey Quick Thomas J. Hicks B. D. Carson Bragaw’s majority, 149,574. Ninth Judicial District. Rhodhiss. SUPERINTENDENT OF PYTHIAN HOME— C. W. Pender, Clayton.

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