Бланк форма 1-тр автотранспорт год бланк

бланк форма 1-тр автотранспорт год бланк
Учредители управления составляют свою отчетность с учетом сведений, полученных от доверительного управляющего. The support for a limited set of non-namespaced names is REQUIRED and intended to allow RDF/XML documents specified in [RDF-MS] to remain valid; new documents SHOULD NOT use these unqualified attributes and applications MAY choose to warn when the unqualified form is seen in a document. The most specific in-scope language present (if any) is applied to property element string literal content or property attribute values. The omission is done by putting an rdf:parseType=»Resource» attribute on the containing property element that turns the property element into a property-and-node element, which can itself have both property elements and property attributes. The xml:lang=»» form indicates the absence of a language identifier. This accessor is used on elements that deal with one node in the RDF graph, this generally being the subject of a statement. 6.1.3 End Element Event Has no accessors.

The construction of RDF URI references from XML attributes can generate the same RDF URI references from different XML attributes. The node at the start of the sequence turns into the outermost element, the next predicate arc turns into a child element, and so on. This version of SVG is -SVG-20010904. The latest version of SVG is at [SVG11] Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Specification, J. Ferraiolo, J. FUJISAWA, D. Jackson (editors), 14 January 2003, W3C Recommendation. Срок представления: 25 январяЗагрузить 1-ТР (автотранспорт) «Сведения о грузовом автотранспорте и о протяженности автодорог необщего пользования»Приказ Росстата от 03.08.16 N 385Формат: MS-Excel :: Размер: 15 КБ Действует с отчета за 2016 год Архив форм.

The DCMI has used and recommended rel=»meta» when linking in RFC 2731 — Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML[RFC-2731] however rel=»alternate» may also be appropriate. Takes a value that is an Identifier event. The stripes generally start at the top of an RDF/XML document and always begin with nodes. Whether the order of the collection of nodes is significant is an application issue and not defined here.

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