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Thus, concerning the previous examples: use a single fq containing two mandatory clauses if those clauses appear together often, and use two separate fq params if they are relatively independent. As with all parameters: when expressed in a URL, special characters need to be properly URL escaped. This parameter can be specified multiple times to indicate multiple intervals. Don’t be fooled by analyzing the two data sets presented in this article; for some cases you may be able to get the same behavior, but not for all possible data sets. When you select Formula Names (Edit Mode), the system displays the formula, which you can add or change. This is generally needed when doing multi-select faceting. See Figure 4.11 for the result. SELECT au_fname, au_lname, city, state FROM authors ORDER BY au_fname DESC; Figure 4.11 Result of Listing 4.11. This result is sorted in descending first-name order.

Contain values that fall after a certain date, such as 2/2/2006 > #2/2/2006# Returns records of transactions that took place after Feb 2, 2006. To view transactions that took place on or after this date, use the >= operator instead of the > operator. The default value is 0. This parameter can be specified on a per field basis. As Ariel mentioned, it would be better to have PHP do the filtering as you build the query. Facet by Range Solr3.1 As a generalization of the Date faceting described above, one can use the Range Faceting feature on any date field or any numeric field that supports range queries. For example:defType=dismaxIf no defType param is specified, then by default, the The Standard Query Parser is used. (eg: defType=lucene)The sort ParameterThe sort parameter arranges search results in either ascending (asc) or descending (desc) order.
Magmi / Discussion / Help:Re-set special prices back to empty Re-set special prices back to empty Forum: Help Creator: lucass Created: 2012-12-11 Updated: 2016-03-23 Log in to post a comment. The default is false.omitHeaderExcludes the header from the returned results, if set to true. Alpha or numeric values for the rows in the first column. Set this parameter to restrict which parameters are logged.

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